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  Spring is finally here and it's time to get out there and enjoy the warmer weather with your wrinkly snorting best friends. Thanks for visiting us here at Pugtoonz.com!
Draw Your Pug
Learn to draw your
favorite snorting,
slobbering little
comedian (aka; your
best friend) in our
step by step lesson
Check out what's new from the drawing board
this month!
The Cartoon Pug Gallery
Stroll through our gallery of
cartoon impressions of the pug.

  The Pugtoonz Store
 Shop for items that feature our unique cartoon pug designs.   
 We have plenty of great stuff that make perfect gifts for the pug lover in your life.
 Best of all, a percentage of our profits from the Pugtoonz Store go to pug charities!
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 When Cosmo Met
 When we adopted Lola the Fawn female pug, it turned Cosmo the black male pug's world upside down. But now we think he's very happy just the way things are. Check out their video by clicking the image on the right.
Check out the last four month's episodes at the "comic strip archives"
Click image to see our video!

        The Cosmo and Chopper Complete Collection
   We've published the first four years of Cosmo and Chopper comic  strips from here at Pugtoonz. com. The full color book is available 
   in both paperback and EBook editions. It makes a great stocking
   stuffer for the pug nuts in your life. And as always, all of our
   profits go to benefit pug rescue!

Click the image on the left to order 
Paperback $14.98  
EBook $3.99

 Spring 2015